Funnel Tools – Collecting Your First E-mail

Let’s Collect Some E-Mail!

Once we have selected our market  – our first job is to is to create something our potential tribe will value in return for an email address

I’ve explained the process in my book Your First Dollar. Grab a copy now if you haven’t already (Don’t worry you’ll stay on this page)

Thank you!

The Facebook Lead Ad Method

As of now this is the preferred method of testing your market. To get a great overview of this approach, listen to this episode of the podcast where I explain the strategy.

Facebook Lead Ads – A revolution in market testing

You’ll need to create a  Facebook Page – Facebook’s Guide is here

Next – you’ll need to create a privacy page and a download page – if you don’t have a blog or a website

You can use a service like

This video shows how to add a link to the bottom of your page – like a privacy policy

And here is an excellent tutorial on how to add a download PDF to your squarespace site

The next step is to learn about Facebook lead ads – Facebooks excellent site is here

The step by step guide is here at facebooks help centre.

Once you have your Facebook ad  up and going you will want to be notified when someone submits their email – YAY!!

I use the free account at


Take it easy. Baby steps – just try one small target market first.

Limit your budget to $10 dollars a day and monitor the stats each day.

Follow the steps in Your First Dollar!