If there is one thing I love doing more than anything is a live workshops. If I look back over my life, the KEY turning points were at workshops. A Tony Robbins one day sales event (I couldn’t afford his three day event), The boardroom workshop in 2003 where I met what would be come my mastermind colleagues. The first Challenge Winner event where I met Dean Jackson. I could go on and on.

At workshops you meet fellow crazy people and by getting out of your normal environment – you elevate your thinking.

If you get the chance I would love to have you at one of my workshops around the world. Here are the types of workshops I run.

I also do private workshops for clients with their teams. I’ll tell you about these below as well.

Types Of Workshops


“Your First Dollar” Live

In two day’s we will pick your market, research your pains, gains and jobs to be done, design your first funnel and your first piece of content people will be excited to get an email from you.

We will also design your first $15 facebook experiment. It’s fun, you see the power of working in a team and I can help you!

What about if you have an existing business – I have plenty of existing business owners come to these events. Has your business hit a plateau? Is it shrinking? Do you want to crack a new market segment? You get all the latest techniques (and apply them!!) to take your business to the next level.

These workshops are about skill acquisition – you need to turn your knowledge into skills. It’s application of skills which gets you your first dollar – not gaining more knowledge (Yes, I’m looking at you high fact finders)

I do these workshops all around the world – here is a list of upcoming ones.

No events

There are currently no events scheduled.

The Problem Solver

Get a group of business owners in a room, get them to bring their biggest business challenges into the room. Emerge two days later with a step by step solution for the problem and a new methodology to use when you have the chance to get in a room with other people together.

In the study which prompted the book “Think and Grow rich” masterminding was one of the key differences that set apart from the successful.

My observations are the same, the most successful people I know are the ones that mastermind and network the most.

The great copywriter Gary Halbert, would call his circle of confidants and read out his sales letters to get feedback. The group of people I’m in a mastermind with are key to my success. It’s my most important asset.

There are two problems,

When you are starting out with your business…

You are starting out by yourself, you have no one to bounce off.

If you’re lucky, you may have a local group who get’s together, but they are “unstructured” – that’s the scientific word for a gab fest dominated by the extroverts (most entrepreneurs who are keen on online business are introverts – I am – but that’s a topic for another time…)

This workshop, shows you how to work with a greoup of people in a way that generates incredible solutions like magic (even with people, scratch that, even better with people who have little knowledge of your market.)

How better to prove something works than solve your biggest challenge!

That and meeting other like minded entrepreneurs would be worth the price of admission but it’s not the best bit.

You get taught the technique which will show you how to perform this magic with your own teams, networking groups, family and friends.

I conduct these workshops through out the year. Follow the link to sign up to take your business to the next level.

Product Design

You have, your market identified, you have your funnels working and you’re collecting email addresses. You get your markets pains gains and jobs to be done. It’s time to think about creating a product.

This can be a real challenge for people. High Fact Finders are terrified about committing to the product (what if it’s wrong), High quick starts leave a trail of ideas and half implemented products in their wake and when they do do them, they didn’t stop to consider if this was a problem worth solving.

Dates for upcoming product development workshops will appear here…

Private Clients

I am available to come and work with you and/or your team at retreats and intensives. I have implemented new sales processes that actually work with teams, used the five day sprint methodology to go from idea to product test in just five days (It’s true and amazing). I have also facilitated events using the crowd storming techniques in my public workshops to install these processes in your organisation.

I’ve also educated and helped install scrum and kanban for entrepreneurs with individuals and teams – without doubt the most radical improvement to team and personal productivity in my entire career.

When I work with you privately, it’s about solving the challenge at hand, but as importantly installing the methodologies which you’ll be able to use again and again.

Five Day Google Sprints

The most intensive of my private workshops is a five day sprint. Based on the Google Sprint methodology. In five days we go from scratch to testing an MVP product with real people.

If you are at the point where you are ready to create a product, or are ready to add another product to your offerings. This process is the fastest best way to do it.

It’s intense but the results are insane.

Shoot me an email to [email protected] if you would like me to do a sprint for you.

Strategic sessions using crowdstorming

Is there a challenge in your business you want to nail. Want to look for new opportunities? I can come in for a day and use the same techniques as my public workshop with your team.

These can be one session as part of a retreat or company offsite. Or I can help you plan and conduct a company offsite or retreat that’s insanely productive.

Shoot me an email to [email protected] if you would like me to do a sprint for you.


Retreat Facilitation

A team offsite or retreat can be an amazing reset for a company when planned and conducted properly. I will work with you to understand what you are trying to achieve with your team offsite and plan a workshop to deliver actionable and tangible results.

It’s also an opportunity to teach your team methodologies which have been proven to make a massive difference in productivity such as Scrum and crowd storming techniques so team meetings become useful rather than snoozefests.

Shoot me an email to [email protected] if you would like me to do a sprint for you.


Sales Team Training and set-up

A personal passion of mine is taking broken sales teams and making them amazing performers. Creating an environment the team loves, reducing turnover and beating budgets (by throwing out traditional tracking – like budgets!)

With this process, rather than trying to identify sales superstars – we identify people who love to help and interact with clients. We create sales process that are repeatable and followable.

Instead of a Glengarry Glen Ross style of only the strong survive (proven time and time again to be useless) we create a team which helps and supports each other.

Think this is soft. NOT AT ALL. The metrics I expect to be followed are expected to be increased month on month. The difference is – unlike budgets – these metrics are 100% in control of the sales team.

Sales and sales team traditional sales techniques and set-up is barbaric. Using cutting edge techniques such as Scrum (Yes with a sales team!!), crowd storming and peak performance training.

This process is revolutionary – If you are sick of massive turnover and unpredictable month to month sales and are ready to try something radical – get in touch.

Email me – [email protected]