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Why Read Your First Dollar

This book is for anyone wanting to create an online business based on what I’ve learned from teaching over 400,000 students to start a new enterprise.

I’ve taken recent breakthroughs in behavioural science, productivity strategies and proven techniques to get your business up and running in Thirty Day’s making that magical first dollar.

This book, and support program is the next generation of the ground breaking “Thirty Day Challenge” started 12 years ago

In 2005 I wondered if I could teach people for free how to make their first dollar in thirty days. Turns out, you can!

12 years later, over 400,000 people have taken on the challenge. Every year, the challenge evolved, when we started there was no YouTube, no public facebook, no iPhone (HOW DID WE LIVE!!!!).

The mediums change, the fundamentals do not.

Over all those years there has only been one measure we have focused on. You making your dollar. Let me tell you why…

There is one thing in common with every million dollar business – every single one of them had to make a first dollar.

It’s a simple but overlooked fact – the only thing in common with every million dollar business is they made $1 first.

With all the talk, ads talking about making tens of thosands a day, millions of dollars a year I get it… making your first dollar seems a let down, a failure. Mathematically this is cray cray.

Over the years, tens of thousands of people just like you failed to make one dollar in their business. With 100% certainty, not one of these failed attempts went on to make a million dollars…

I’m serious.

Of those that went on to make a million dollars, 100% of them made their first dollar. From a computer science and mathematical perspective it’s literally insane to not focus all your energies on making $1.

Your odds of making a sustainable business go up astronomically when you make your first dollar.

I get gung-ho students all the time, heaping scorn on the $1 objective of our training. They obviously never heard of the tortoise and the hare.

Here’s the thing, in hundreds of thousands of attempts – I can recall three “hare’s” being successful. Effectively, all the successful businesses created in the challenge not to mentions mega-successes like Apple and Facebook all started as tortoises.

Have you tried starting a business, followed somebody’s steps and it just didn’t stick – no matter how hard you tried – There is a reason.

So if the steps are well known, the path well traveled and clearly signed – why have you not been able to do this so far…

It’s not your fault.

It’s mine.

I’ve been obsessed with getting more people making their first dollar and have one of the largest – if not the largest pools of data on observing how people go about earning their first buck.

Something was missing. Why were super-capable people who had no lack of discipline and energy not making it to the finish line.

I became obsessed about this. It only took 11 years but…

I finally cracked it.

I’d never heard of the Kolbe index. Then in one single week, I heard about it from three completely different sources!

I should say I hate IQ tests, personality profiles, emotional indexs. Not out of any rational basis – frankly, I’m terrified of what they would tell me.

But three people I respect (Dan Sullivan, Sarkis and Dean Jackson) all mentioned Kolbe and I thought – what the heck.

The Kolbe index A is not about emotions or IQ – it’s about how you take action. What do you do you find easy and what things do you continue to struggle with. There are things that seem simple to others which take you a lot of energy and time.

When I took my Kolbe, and listened to Kathy Kolbe explain to me how I worked, it was like she had been stalking me for thirty years. I was floored.

What was even more stunning to me was Kathy pointing out this simple fact.

We are trained from our earliest hours of school to work on our weaknesses, improve them, get better. Focus on them to the exclusion of everything else.

If you are skills training for the Olympics – it’s great advice.

If you are trying to create a business (in particular when it’s being started part time in hours you eke out from your other responsibilities) this is super bad advice.

For example;

I can write well, but the energy and stress it takes to do this (before I understood my operating system) was immense. Put me in front of a crowd or talk on a podcast, I’m home. I don’t even have to think about it.

I’ve been like this since I was a kid.

Kathy serenely told me to try focusing on my strengths in my business (and life)

The changes have been remarkable – (For example, I got this darn book written – in a way that suited my strengths)

It explained why (and this will be familiar to most of you reading this) I’ve never found a productivity system I didn’t like, lovingly set-up and then completely ignored!!

Was this just me – or was this a major breakthrough.

Time for a test.

I took 200 people from the challenge and ran them through the Kolbe index. There are thousands of possible combinations.

Of all the combinations, people from the the Challenge fitted into 3.

Just three.

Here’s the rub – they could not be more different.

The tragedy – if you were a different entrepreneurial operating system to me, and you tried to do what I did to create a business – you would struggle and fail.

The Awesome – Once I knew my clients operating system – I could design my training to be “compatible”, all of a sudden, clients who were struggling got more done effectively than they thought possible.

This book will show you how to figure out your entrepreneurial operating system and then design and deploy a business you love based on your strengths!

Field tested over twelve years with the latest neuroscience and behavioural psychology breakthroughs – it’s designed to make you successful.

Figuring out there were different operating systems for entrepreneurs and then realising I could modify the challenge to make use your strengths was a big deal.

IT was like you were trying to play tennis with a baseball bat. Then somebody comes along and says, “Yo, try this thing called a racquet!”

But that’s not the only breakthrough in neuroscience and behavioural psychology.

These fields have exploded as researchers could see what was happening in your brain without having to cut you open or have you suffere a major head trauma!

The advances in understanding how your brain works, how you aquire skills and the keys to managing your energy and willpower are astonishing.

I bring the all of these, field tested with my clients into this book.

For example, managing your energy and willpower is crucial to you making your first dollar. Realising work life balance is a fantasy and if we don’t take into account what obligations you are bringing into the challenge – you could be sunk before you begin.

I can’t wait for you to bring these breakthroughs to making your first dollar.

As a happy byproduct, bringing these techniques will help every aspect of your life. It was important to me that regardless of your outcome, you will have not wasted your time and picked up some life changing skills.

Why I wrote it

Very Little Tech Required!! The opportunities created by everyone having a smart device.

Many Challengers were stuck when they hit technology they did not understand. It became frustrating.

Fortunately, and ironically pen and paper are now the most important tool for you to create your business with.

There has never been a better time to start an online business. Thanks to the explosion of the smartphone, every market is a market.

Kevin Kelly’s essay on “One Thousand True Fans” has never been more achievable. Can you find 1000 people excited enough about your obscure market who will spend $100 dollars with you over the course of a year creating a $100,000 dollar a year business

Spoiler Alert – The answer is yes.

This book will show you how. Step by Step, minimising the technology so it does not get in the way.

How to use it

This book is designed to be super practicle. It is truly step by step. At each key stage we have action steps and up-to-date video tutorials where it makes sense for me to show you what you need to do.

Follow The steps

Seriously – Follow the steps and if you ever get stuck, email me!

My personal email address is throughout the book and I want to know if you are getting stuck!!

When you download the book you’ll also have access to brainstorming sessions you can dial into. Having trouble picking a market – no problem, jump on a brainstorming call and we will work it out together!

I also have a weekly podcast to support the book.

This is key material to support you as you make your first dollar. You also have the chance for me to work one on one with you where you are stuck as a guest on the podcast. If you would like to find out how you can do this and subscribe to the podcast – you can get all the details here.

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All the resources mentioned in the book are available on this page

Every resource mentioned in the book is available here. I keep these links updated so you are always using the latest, best stuff.

One step at a time

I know some of you will simply not be able to resist reading the book through first – that’s totally cool. Just remeber this key point…

Making your first dollar and designing an online business to support the lifestyle you want is about the application and improvement of skills.

Doing stuff the right way, suited to how you work. You’ll be amazed at the difference when you do things compatible with your operating systems. It’s like you’ve been trying to type with snow gloves on and then someone suggests you try typing with them off!!

It is impossible to make your first dollar by building knowledge (I know reading and researching is fun and safe – for me it’s like educational crack cocaine!).


You cannot learn to surf by reading.
You cannot lower your golf handicap by reading
You cannot help people by reading.

You cannot make your first dollar by reading.

The actions (skills!) laid out in the book are what you need to make your first dollar. It’s applying them works.

And as my home boy Goethe, once said…

When you do stuff, magic happens (he roughly said that, I was paraphrasing it was the vibe of the the thing for sure.)