What’s the Podcast about

Here is where you can learn how to subscribe to my weekly podcast “Your First Dollar”.

I’ve designed this podcast to be your best friend as you go through the first dollar process and beyond. It’s my weekly opportunity to talk with you (in the case of solution episodes – I literally speak with you!) to support you building your online business.

Why should you be listening

So why should you listen (apart from my supreme wit…)?

I have two types of episodes designed to support you as you build your online business, make your first dollar and then make many more.

Expert episodes

In these episodes I interview experts who have inspired me – but from a very unique angle – I want to understand how they made their first dollar – these stories are inspiring and informative, it reminds you these experts are not special, they, like you, had to make their first dollar.

How would they start again?

I also ask them how would they start again today. No contacts, no lists – just their knowledge. The tactics, techniques and wisdom you get are super practical.

Solution Episodes

These episodes are designed to get you unstuck, show you how I apply the strategies is my book “Your First Dollar” to real world examples. The coolest part is you get the opportunity for me to work with you!! If you are stuck or would like help send an email to [email protected]

Let us know where you are and you never know – I could be working with you directly to make your first dollar as a guest on the podcast.

Designed to get you with the key parts of the “Your First Dollar” process

We also have themed brainstorming episodes, where you can all in from where ever you are in the world to get help. Keep an eye on your email so you know when they are on.

Here is how to get it

To the right of this article you’ll see buttons you can click to instantly subscribe to your podcast player of choice. I have a very specific recommendation for the app you should be using but you can use the free players for Apple and android.

Why are podcasts amazing – my favourite way of learning

I Love Podcasts…

NO, seriously, You don’t understand, I LOVE podcasts, I listen to hours of podcasts every week. It’s by far the medium I use the most.


There are podcasts on every subject made by people who are passionate about their fields. Think of your favourite hobby, topic, niche or sports team. There is a podcast which will give you insights on anything which is just awesome, the leverage of podcasts is outstanding, let me explain…

Since you were little, the most important information you have received has entered through your ear canals – often while you were doing something else. “Don’t run on to the road”, “Don’t touch that”, “Edward Wells Dale, why is the TV laying face down on the floor of the lounge room!!”

Life-changing (or ending) moments.

I framed my brother for the TV. Sorry Garry.

The most important and intimate conversations of your life have traveled through those ear canals, “I love you…”, “I’m leaving you…”, the siren at the end of the 4th quarter on a glorious 1st of October, 2016.

Podcasts use those same ear canals, the same level of privacy (or not) as those phone calls you made to your best friend.

This is why they are so effective.

If our goal is a thousand true fans paying us $100 over the course of a year…

Your Podcast fans are at the top of the tree.

In my discussions with my colleagues, podcast listeners are disproportionately high in this group.

Podcasts are not perfect. You are usually doing things while you are listening to them. So asking people to take any sort of complex action is a big ask. It’s best to use very simple repeatable actions so it’s easy for the listener to recall later on.

Once you get the habit of podcast listening, your life will improve, “Your First Dollar” podcast is a super place to start. 🙂

Advanced podcast listening – use a podcast app!

There are standard podcast players which come with your device, both Android and Apple. These are ok, and great to get you started. But if you want to get ninja levels of efficient listening, spend less than the cost of a fancy latte to treat yo’self to a power podcast player.

It’s time to level up.

Pocket Casts – current top of the tree

As I write this, the king of the hill is PocketCasts. It’s cross platform, has a web version as well and it has some fantastic algorithms to make your listening more efficient. It has a cloud service, so it doesn’t matter what device you are listening on, you’ll always be in the right place.

Pocketcasts For iOS

PocketCasts for Android

Now, some power tips…

Power tips

Here is where you learn to take the pebble out of my hand grass hopper. First we need to speed it up.

Speed it up

Once considered blasphemy by pendant podcasters with more time on their hands. Use your podcasts player (you’ve downloaded PocketCasts right) to speed up your listening.

If you have tried speeding audio up in the past you are probably familiar with the chipmunk effect, it all sounds weird. Well technology has got your back. Now they speed up without changing the pitch.

PocketCasts also has blank space removal, it cleverly takes out silence – you won’t notice, but it will save you major time!

I listen to podcasts at 1.6 times speed, I find this is the right speed to still have good comprehension. You could try here and adjust up and down to suit.

You will be able to listen to even more awesome podcasts and learn so much more.

There is one exception to the speed up rule, If you are listening to music podcasts, you probably want to listen to these at normal (1x speed).

Now, when to listen…

The Car, The Dogs, The Waiting

I listen to podcasts for an hour when I walk Larry and George each morning. When ever I’m in the car (which is a lot with three daughters and busy schedules) and when I’m waiting around.

Thanks to your smartphone all this free knowledge is available to you everywhere. You could listen to talk radio and upset yourself with news you can’t control or you could educate yourself, improve yourself and entertain yourself.

Easy choice for me, and pretty much ANYONE I know who is successful.

Use the up Next Place List

Another power tip – PocketCasts has a great feature called up-next. Use it. There is transactional debt any time you end a podcast and need to decide what to listen to next. Up Next gets rid of it and allows you to power on.

Before I walk the dogs for the day, I’ll choose what podcasts to listen to and add them to my up next list.

This way I have a steady stream of podcasts to power through for the rest of the day.

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