Let’s Start With What Kolbe Is NOT!

It’s not a personality test.
It’s not an IQ Test.
It’s not something you can pass or fail.
It’s something you only need to do once (except in super rare cases)
There is no correct result, if you are reading this – spoiler alert – you are an entrepreneur! You could be watching Catfish on MTV or Yuri On Ice – instead you’re here.

So what is Kolbe?

Why is it Good For You?

It is an index which some how Kathy Kolbe has looked deep into your soul in some sort of crazy freak psychic stuff and through asking a few questions figures out how you act. This insight is so powerful.

Kathy and the team at Kolbe would tell you..

The Kolbe A Index is designed to measure the conative faculty of the mind — the actions you take that result from your natural instincts, and is the foundational instrument used in Kolbe reports. It validates an individual’s natural talents, the instinctive method of operation (M.O.) that enables you to be productive.

Why is understanding how you act is so important? Why is knowing things you will find easier and what things will be an energy drain, so crucial?

Let me explain…

Have you ever tried a course (maybe a start a business course!) and you really tried to follow everything step by step.

Trouble was, the things you were trying to do  – which seemed so easy for the course creator – were really hard for you.

But you are made of strong stuff!

You gutted it out, created a video when the thought horrified you (35% of you reading this have this issue) or you wrote blog posts (the other 65% of you really struggle with writing) and it didn’t work.

You were doomed from the start. You were an iPhone trying to run android apps. You were a UK plug trying to plug into a USA electric power point. You were trying to play golf with a tennis racquet.

You get the drift.

I won’t go into detail here as figuring out the right entrepreneurial operating system is the first part of the “Your First Dollar” process and you can grab a free copy of the book right here.

Thank you!

Bottom line, once you start acting with your strengths instead of struggling to work with things which will never come naturally to you. You’re going to fly.

My Kolbe Story

My Kolbe is 4-1-9-4

People with an index like mine like speaking of the cuff, perform best when they are under the gun of a deadline and struggle with writing.

But Hang-on Ed!! You are such a hypocrite – you are writing right now!!

Well, that’s true and I’m enjoying it (I’ll leave you to decide if it’s any good!!).

Here’s the thing, I designed a new writing process which dodges around the issues I have writing  – in fact, I outlined the whole process here.

Suffice to say, I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Sydney which is a cool environment (Don’t tell Sydney types I said this – I have a rep to protect). I’m writing to a timer and I have a competition going to write more than 670 words in the 25 minute sprint. I did a ten minute mindmap prior to starting and I’m listening to my specific writing playlist on repeat. I’ve “rigged” the game in my favour.

Once you know your entrepreneurial operating system – you’ll be able to do the same!

There are no bad results

I really, really want to leave you with this point – there are no  bad results!! You are what you are and you are perfectly ready to  start your own business. We just need to make sure we have you working the right way!

Here is the link to take the Kolbe Index A

Take the Kolbe A™ Index