Beating Procrastination (Or At Least Tricking It)

Procrastination hits us all and especially me!! Here’s what I do to attempt to deal with it.

The Most Important Decision Of The Week

Moving post-it notes into the ready column at the start of the week is the key move in Kanban for Entrepreneurs. It’s where the game (and your week) is won or lost. There are two things you need to consider when choosing which post-it notes (tickets) go into the ready column. Can I get this…

How To Write When You Are Not Cut Out To Write

One of the key results I got out of my field test last year was 65% of you really struggle with writing. It’s not your fault – it’s your entrepreneurial DNA Using the amazing Kolbe Index A test – 65% of you have a profile where you are more suited to Bing off the cuff…