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  1. Bugger It – I’ll do it live

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    The replay is up!!!!!

    It Starts at 26:51 – there was a bunch of testing beforehand which I’ll edit out but I wanted to get it to you ASAP

    Make sure you register at the workshop at this link so you can get the workbook and follow along with me

    Here is the link to register with the workshop and get your download

    You can read below this if you are interested in what inspired this Challenge Idea….


    There will be no escape, no prerecorded video, no safety net.

    I’ll do a course in front of you – there will be no hiding.

    If you’re smart you’ll follow along – live.

    Read on for instructions.

    **Why would I risk my reputation!!??**

    Two reasons,

    1. Practise what you preach
    2. It’s Challenge time – what good is a coach who isn’t prepared to prove themselves in real time.
    3. It’s going to be fun regardless and a major experiment.

    I obviously can’t count.


    **Do you know a teenager?**

    If you do they are playing or watching streams of Fortnight. Or they are watching their favourite YouTuber doing a challenge (hmmmmm…challenge…)

    Now you may think this insane – why would you watch someone else play a game when you could play it yourself…

    So you’ve never watched a pro sport….

    Here’s the thing,  the kids don’t get you…how could you sit on your butt with your beer watching a sport – when you can’t interact with the pro-players, you can’t issue them challenges, YOU CAN’T LEARN FROM THEM

    Ever seen your kids do a YouTube Challenge – LIKE ALL OF THEM…RIGHT!

    I think the kids are on to something and I’m prepared to risk my reputation to prove it…

    But there’s one more thing…


    Look, it’s not your fault. The best kids at school paid attention, wrote really good notes, studied those notes, revised hard and they did the best in exams (Hello – High Fact finder entrepreneurs – Love You!!).

    There is a tiny little problem, when you do this with a business course of any type. You end up frustrated, overwhelmed and you have hardly gotten anywhere.

    If you are like me (A high quick start) you did nothing slacked off, crammed the night before and got a solid C. Which is ok but try cram any business course in existence and the moment it gets tough YOU’RE CHASING THE NEXT SHINY OBJECT.

    So it’s time to show you how to do it right and I’m going to do it live – no team, no outsourcers. Just following a well set out roadmap I know works BUT I have not seen and won’t see until I watch the first lesson with you!!!

    Intrigued? Love a good car accident? Serious, really serious about starting a business.

    Then here is what you need to do…

    **Gather the materials**

    The workshop I’m going to follow is Ryan Levesque’s free ASK workshop. It’s great timing,  he only teaches the ASK method for free once a year. So if you are serious and are going to follow along and do this with me. Register and sign up at the link below (there are different level’s of the course – I’m going to be doing the “I don’t have a market” workshop.

    Download your Ask workshop materials here

    There is a video to watch (you can wait to watch it with me) and a PDF worksheet you’ll need to download if you are going to do this with me.

    **Log-in to the live stream**

    Join me at 8PM Eastern USA time on Thursday and I’ll be live streaming me going through the course. You’ll see how I break down a course video and then I’ll do all the action steps and complete any tasks live. You just need to head over to my YouTube Channel

    You can just watch for entertainment but I think it would be really smart if you did it along with me. I have a hunch this is the future of presenting courses – but it could also be a massive car accident.

    I will have no help, no assistants, no team. I’m doing this as though I’m starting from scratch. I have never done Ryans workshop before so I have no inside knowledge ( no I prepared this one earlier!!!

    **Let’s Do This**

    1. Register for Ryan’s workshop– do this now so you can download the workbook ahead of time (please – don’t just watch)
    2. Head to my YouTube channel here at 8pm Eastern USA time and watch the carnage!!