Funnel Tools Collecting Your First E-mail

Let’s Collect Some E-Mail!

Once we have selected our market  – our first job is to is to create something our potential tribe will value in return for an email address

I’ve explained the process in my book Your First Dollar. Grab a copy now if you haven’t already (Don’t worry you’ll stay on this page)

Thank you!

Let Me Build The Funnel For You

The team at Click Funnels have been helping me put together a solution for you where I have built the templates you need, you just need to adjust them for your market! The cheapest solution I’ve been able to find is $79 a month. Because Russell Brunsen is such a fan of The Challenge – we have put this all together for you with a free 14 day trial and after that you can use the funnel to collect emails for $20 a month.

Just so you know – I’m converting my entire business over to Click Funnels and using Send13 to send my mail. Adam Teece has put togther these videos to show you how to get your funnel set up step by step. With special deals from Click Funnels, Send13, Mail Chimp and NameCheap – I’ve negotiated a solution that will get you going for the minimum amount. As you grow your empire click funnels and Send 13 will grow with you. By moving to Send13 and clcikfunnels I’ve save myself over $500 a month and it’s so much easier than the complex systems I used before.

Alright – Let’s do this

Get The Your First Dollar Funnel TM

Watch this video from Adam first while he explains the different account types at clickfunnels (If your starting out just follow along with Adam – If you already have a list and have already made your first dollar, I really recommend the full solution (I’m right in the middle of switiching myself – I’m going to save a stack and have way better features and it’s so easy to do stuff!!)

Over to Adam!

Click here to get the The Your First Dollar Funnel TM

Let’s Make The Funnel Your Own!!

Wait till you see this, it’s so cool – Adam (who is a Challenger from way back BTW) take it away.

How cool is that! – Next, we need you to get a domain to test with!

Get a Domain For Testing!

Watch our Home Boy Adam as he drops the domain knowledge and set’s it up in ClickFunnels. No weird creepy long URLS for us!

Now, if you are more advanced and know your way around – you might want to use this method.

Connect Your Funnel To An E-Mail Provider

Now Adam is going to show you how to collect to Mail Chimp, they are free and easy to use for email broadcasting BUT you will want to move to SEND13 (Which is who Russell and I use as soon as possible). MailChimp does not like you sending affiliate links for example!

In fact I’ve done an awesome deal where for $1 youll be able to use SEND13 to send up to 12,000 emails a month (more than enough for you to get started with!! Adam is going to do a video showing you how to connect up to SEND13 shortly. BTW the reason they insist on charging $1 is to stop spammers from exploiting a free service.

Here is the link to get the special “Your First Dollar Deal” from SEND13

Now here is how you can hook up with Mail Chimp for free



The Facebook Lead Ad Method

As of now this is the preferred method of testing your market. To get a great overview of this approach, listen to this episode of the podcast where I explain the strategy.

Facebook Lead Ads – A revolution in market testing

You’ll need to create a  Facebook Page – Facebook’s Guide is here


Thanks to click funnels – you know have everything else you need to go ahead and get some traffic.

The next step is to learn about Facebook lead ads – Facebooks excellent site is here

The step by step guide is here at facebooks help centre.

Once you have your Facebook ad  up and going you will want to be notified when someone submits their email – YAY!!

I use the free account at


Take it easy. Baby steps – just try one small target market first.

Limit your budget to $10 dollars a day and monitor the stats each day.