How Beginners Can Coach The Pants Off Experts.

Rhymes With Banker…

It doesn’t seem right – why can someone who is an enthsiast, just starting out, be a good coach. In fact, can be a better coach than someone who has been a coach for a long time, and all most certainly better than an expert.

First reason: Beginner coaches won’t be tempted to give advice, which is good!

Advice is not what beginners need.

Huh, Ed what are you smoking – well kids smoking is bad for you but let’s look at the facts.

The primo academic in the field Anders Erikson (of 10,000 hours and peak performance fame) is very clear. Beginners need drills, they need encouragement, need to be listened to.

What they don’t need is “look, here’s how I do it – it’s easy” – the type of coaching experts and old coaches with lots of experience tend to give. (Get this mirror away from me!!!!!!)

Look – I’m not having a crack at experienced coaches and experts. They are brilliant when you need advice. Once you’re established, a little tweak to a marketing funnel can bring order of magnatude results…


If you’re beginning, that little tweak is the worst thing you can possibly hear. All it does is give your inner critic the opportunity to go to town saying things like – “Look, so and so just doubled their profits with this one simple change, you can’t even get a sale, you suck.”

You know I’m right.

I was reminded of this when I was listening in on Experience Product Masterclass coaches do such a great job with their beginner students this week.

They provided support, they listened, they asked questions to help their student come up with an answer for themselves. They gently referred the student back to what the lessons (aka drills) teach. They acknowledged some of this stuff is scary and hard.

And you know what, people appreciated it and finished their call with answers and felt good about taking on the week ahead.

NONE of these traits are associated with expertise, they are associated with the type of person you are. Entrepreneurs who are motivated to serve their market are my kind of people, they are the stayers. Entrepreneurs who want to go for the lambo and Instagram penis envy account, flame out.

Being a coach is the PERFECT way to understand the market while you are developing up your one to many product which will free you from time based earning.

Let’s talk about the whole time for money being evil thing…

We have equated time to money work as being immoral for the entrepreneur…

However, to start out, extremely lucrative coaching get’s you speaking to customers, you’ll identify common issues and will be available to develop awesome solutions based on those problems.

With all the work I’ve been doing recently I’ve come to believe you personally coaching beginners in your market as your first product is an EXCELLENT and smart choice.

You just need to be taught how to properly coach. It’s a skill which is more teachable to more people than say copywriting or funnel building. Requires no more tech than being able to get on Zoom and is extremely rewarding.

Eben Pagan who is way more organised and better dressed than me has just released a free Virtual Coaching Kit. It’s brilliantly produced

I recommend downloading the Virtual Coaching Kit here now.

Next Article – I’m going to demonstrate how coaching is a learned skill you can pick up more quickly than funnels or learning how to create videos. Coaching is in “inner game skill” so you don’t have to rely on external skills (which given I suck at everything else in life may explain a thing or two – I think I need a moment)