New Market Brainstorming Sessions

That’s right – plural!!

These sessions are designed to help you get really focused on your market and I’ll help you personally. These are interactive sessions, come with your questions and get ready to get them answered!! I’ll help as many people as I can in the hour!

We have not one but two new market brainstorming sessions. I’m experimenting with different times so people can join in when it suits!

The first one is this Thursday 1:15pm East Coast USA Time. That’s 6:15pm In London. 5:15am on the East Coast of  Australia

Then 9pm Sunday evening East Coast USA time, 1 pm in Melbourne Australia.

How to jump on the call!

Remember phones! Honestly, I think the best and easiest way to get on the call is just to dial in – most countries have local dial in numbers and it makes is super easy. Here’s the thing – I want to answer your questions and if you are futzing around with mic connections and stuff and get muted, you don’t get to ask your question, and that is sad. If you dial up, you know it’s going to work!!!

If you are super tech confident – or are in a country that doesn’t have a local number – you can jump on via the web or an app on your smart device.

Now, here are the instructions!!
Access Code: 518896
International Dial-in Numbers:

Dial-in Number (Australia): (02) 8077 0506

Online Meeting Link:

Online Meeting ID: ed298