Now You Have That Resolution Rubbish Out Of Your System…

Let’s do something which is scientifically proven to be way more effective than resolutions and help with bushfire recovery at the same time.

Choosing a theme and a word to describe your year is very effective. When you confront a situation, remind yourself of your word and deal with it appropriately.



Dr. Jason Fox a fellow Australian (who is way smarter than me and must be sick of every time I see him I say “What Does The Fox Say!!!) has created a course on putting some real thought and wood behind this crucial process, which does work, unlike goal setting and resolutions.

It’s brilliant and I am doing the course myself (and I bought it – you’ll understand why in a second).

So the course is $149 Australian Dollars (approximately $10 US dollars -this is wrong but it feels like it with the exchange rate at the moment!) you get this great course.

So you get to do a course which will help define your 2020 in a way which actually helps – you will be helping us with the horrific bushfires here with $50 of every sale going to bushfire recovery.

Jason – feels like he shouldn’t be telling anyone about his course right now – I told him rubbish – it’s a brilliant course and donating $50 (which in true Dr. Fox class he is showing you exactly where the raised funds are going.)

In the normal course of events – I’d be telling you about how well this course is put together and Jason’s unique (awesome) style – just wait until you read the (and I hesitate to call it this) sales letter…

So here is the non-affiliate link to get the course directly from Jason.

Thanks heaps Jason and thank you,