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  1. War Of Art – Get It In Your Ears

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    Tokyo Tower Latte
    Tokyo Tower Latte

    I was forty floors above Tokyo, It was a clear day, I could see Mt Fuji…

    Or I could see it if I wasn’t crying.

    Look, I’m emotionally crippled, I don’t cry at much and certainly not publicly. However, on that beautiful autumn day. I was sobbing into my now going cold breakfast.

    The cause, I’d just read Steven Pressfields War Of Art.

    Up until then, I had never read a book that moved me like this (remember – emotionally crippled). I took the book to breakfast to have something to read before I headed out for a day of filming in Tokyo. The idea was to read a couple of chapters and head out for the day. Two hours later – I’d finished it and was publicly sobbing.

    As I write this – in August it will be 10 years to the day. It has become my single most recommended book and sits at the very top of my favourite books of all time. You can get the book here but there is something cooler I’d like you to try…


    For years it’s almost been impossible to get the audio version of The War Of Art read by Steven. To my utter delight, it’s now available on audio and you can download it through Audible.

    When you hear Steven narrate the book and it’s entering your brain via your ear holes it’s even more powerful. I’ve spent the last week forgoing my regular podcasts and been listening to the War Of Art on repeat.

    Here’s my challenge to you, Listen to this on repeat for a week and I’ll eat my Signed Steven Pressfield Black Irish cap if you are not getting more work done.