The Difference Between Advisors And Coaches

An advisor is someone who can give advice based on experience. They have been there, done that and got the T-Shirt.

A coach doesn’t need the experience of an advisor because they are guides to a process. When you see this working in action it really is remarkable…


Beginners in ANY field don’t need advisers they desperately need coaches.


Let me explain…

I’ve been working along on the Experience Masterclass process and I’ve dropping in to see how my collaboration students have been going in their coaching sessions – these are not conducted by Marisa – they are handled by her team of coaches.

They are really good.

Really good.

I’ll have a lot more to say on this – but right now if you’re thinking is you have to have had massive success in your field to be a great coach…

You’re dead wrong.

Beginners in all fields need coaches more than ever.

This Training makes the case for the coaching opportunity – It’s so worth a watch.

The Virtual Coaching Opportunity Training


PS. Another controversial statement – a rank beginner coach can be way better than an expert at getting results for beginners. I’ll write more about the new science of this shortly. In the mean time – check out this training on the virtual coaching opportunity