The Tragedy Of Picking The Wrong Recipe For Your New Business

Art Nerds. This One Is For You…

If you’ve never cooked a dish in your life successfully, in fact, you may have failed to produce a dish many times.

You’d be pretty silly to attempt a fancy meal, let’s just go with some scrambled eggs and some really specific instructions. You’d probably want to watch a video of every step.

Particularly, after all those failures.

Makes sense.

Then why in the living dickens do people a pick super vague plans with very little instruction to get their business going!!!

Just this week, I’ve been working with a client who refuses to pick a specific recipe and every time I think I have them locked down. The next thing I know they are freestyling, bringing elements of other courses in.

It’s like you’re told to cook a sponge cake and half way through you start adding elements of a lobster bisque.

Anyway this week I had to get quiet stern and said “You have 24 hours to pick a specific plan” suitable for where you are.

I was not specific enough.

The plan they came back with was “A Challenge Style” plan. Cool, I thought, I know they work (I’m to modest to point out I invented the concept of an online Challenge 14 years ago)

Then I looked at the plan they had chosen. It was a power point presentation with dot points on it and a 90 minute webinar.

It was so high level it may as well have been the classic:

  1. Build Web Site
  2. Advertise
  3. PROFIT!!

Look, with the information in the plan I could have created a Challenge with those instructions. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and started dozens of successful products and services.

You can give a Master Chef a beetroot, bacon, butter, salt and a lemon and they’ll be able to create something edible.

Someone who’s never cooked before – I don’t even want to think!

Yet every day, enthusiastic entrepreneurs clutch hold of these “blueprints” thinking they can build the business of their dreams. No wonder they fail so miserably.

Pick A Recipe Right For You.

Here are some guidelines for picking a recipe suitable for you to put the effort into building a business with.

Evidence Of Success

Of course, almost every plan and course out there has testimonials and proof it works. As they should.


What’s the skill level of the people who were successful – are they absolute beginners with no list and no prior online experience?

The plan my student bought to me had examples of successful challenges. The problem was every single one of them had at least a couple of years of market leadership building in their market, they had teams and major successful businesses behind them.

It’s not the plans are bad – they’re great as long as you had put in the years building your market influence.

When Picking A Recipe – Consider These Four Crucial Things…

  1. Your Experience Level
  2. Your comfort with Technology
  3. your comfort with Generating Traffic
  4. Are you starting out in a market or have you already built a successful crowd

You may have been studying building an online business for a decade. But unless you have successfully had people pay you money. You need to keep your experience in perspective.

Now, I believe you can take any plan and turn it into a recipe you can execute with confidence. I teach this process in my course “The Recipe” . I’ll describe the process in an upcoming post.

It’s hard to build an online business, it breaks my heart when I see enthusiastic solopreneur, get confused, overwhelmed and eventually wash out because they have chosen a recipe above their skill to serve.

Is the recipe and ingredient’s in the use by date?

You would not want to create a recipe with out of date ingredients. You certainly would not want to do a course with out of date tactics. this is particularly important for online business strategies.

Many (and I’ve created more than a few) were based on opportunities which existed for that particular time and would not be relevant now.

Choose your recipe with eyes wide open and you’ll give yourself the best chance of success.